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Professional Event Planning Services That Fits Your Budget, Planned to Suit Your Needs, & Executed on Time Since 2012

SherFun Events

Event Planning Specialist in Washington State 

Sherrie has been coordinating events in the Wenatchee area and around Washington State for 30 years.  She helps create detailed events for her clients while sticking to the budget.  Sherrie will meet with you and then makes a customized plan

SherFun Events
SherFun Events

Do You Need an Event Coordinator 

Event planning is complex, and many think it is easier to do it themselves, but that is not true. Without a professional, you will end up spending more money and not getting the results you hoped. 

SherFun Events

Reasons to Choose Our Expertise 

We are here to create value for you and the people at your event. Our team is glad to put in the time and effort to deliver a fantastic experience. 

  Hire SherFun Events for:

Attention to Detail 

Sherrie focuses on minor details that ensure everything runs smoothly. For example, you might overlook something as simple as name tags, but it makes networking at the event easier.

Timely Services 

Time management is key to any service, and at SherFun, we ensure to deliver within the given time frame. Not only do we organize your event to the minute, but we also give you the time to enjoy the gathering.    

Our Network 

SherFun Events has been in the business for a long time, and over the years, we have gathered a trusted network in the event planning industry. Her business is well-connected with hotels, venues, caterers, vendors, and more.

Affordable Planning

As a veteran planner, Sherrie comes with the skill of cutting costs. She knows where to spend and where not to, and always work within the given budget. Her connections in the industry make it easier as we get special pricing and discounts.

The Unique Element

We don’t just do the bare minimum; we get to know our clients to add a unique touch to the event. Our creativity provides a valuable and memorable experience that an inexperienced person could not replicate.

We Do the Heavy Lifting 

Organizing an event has many layers, and anticipating possible issues is only possible as a professional. Sherrie uses her years of experience to spot potential problems and find solutions for them. This will leave you stress-free while enjoying a glamorous event.

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